Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Characters - In the Time of the Butterflies

The Mirabel Sisters
Patria Mercedes – Eldest
Dedé – Second oldest
Minerva – Third oldest
Maria-Teresa – Youngest

Dona Mercedes,  Mother
Don Enrique Mirabel, Father

Pedrito Gonzalez– Patria’s Husband
Nelson & Norris – Patria & Pedrito’s Children in order of oldest to youngest
Sinitta– Friend of Minerva
Sor Milagros– Religious official in charge of the school, Nun
Sor Asuncion – Nun at school with Milagros
Jaimito – Friend of the sisters
Léo – Friend of the sisters
Horacio – Meeting organizer that Sinitta goes to
Carmen - Enrique's mistress
Margarita = Carmen's daughter
Manuel de Moya = secretary of state
tio Chiche = Trujillo's  old friend, and part of the Mirabal family
Manolo - Minerva's husband
Fela - 

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