Friday, October 4, 2013

Characters in Happy Days, Uncle Sergio

Characters in Happy Days, Uncle Sergio

I think I found all or most of the characters in this book! I know we finished reading it but I thought it might be helpful for the blog or for our exam.

Mamá Sara (grandmother) married Fernando (papá) 
-Elena (Aunt Ele)
-Gustavo (Papi)
-Sara Fernando (Sara F.)
-Aunt Clara
-Aunt Maria (Aunti Meri)
-Aunt Rosa
-Uncle Sergio

-Cousin Nati (a relative that was brought up by Mamá Sara)

Gustavo (Papi) married María Angélica (María A. or Mami)

Aunt Clara married Uncle Roberto
            -Germán Andrés

Aunt Maria (Aunti Meri) married Uncle Vicente

Aunt Rosa (don’t know who she married)
-Monsita (Monsi)

Maid- Micaela
Cat- Daruel
Neighbors- Margara, Don Gabriel, Gabriel Roberto (illegitimate child)

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